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Donnie Wahlberg

In 1999, Donnie Wahlberg married long-time companion Kim Fey, a singer he met when she did session work for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch’s first CD. The Wahlbergs have two sons, Xavier Wahlberg (born on March 4th 1993) and Elijah Wahlberg (born on August 21st 2001). For Donnie Wahlberg Filmography keep on reading.

Donnie Wahlberg is one of the few performers who has been able to go from early stardom as a teen idol to a respected career as a dramatic character actor.
Born Donald Edmund Wahlberg in Dorchester, MA, on August 17, 1969 to Alma Elaine (née Donnelly) and Donald Wahlberg Sr. (who died last February 2008), Donnie came from a large family (he has five brothers – Arthur, Paul, James and Robert older than him, and baby brother Mark – and three sisters – the late Debbie (who died in 2003 the same day of the birth of Ella Rae Wahlberg, born on 2 September 2003, daughter of Mark Wahlberg and model Reah Durham), Michelle and Tracy) and first became interested in performing as a way of getting attention in a busy household.
Wahlberg was only ten when he joined his first band, a local Bostonian group called Risk. His influences came from black music and saw him become a passionate hip-hop fan, from performing break-dance routines to writing his own raps; a few years later, he joined an R&B-styled group called the Kool Aid Bunch, featuring Danny Wood (who would later one follow him into auditioning for a new group to be called Nynuk)
In 1986, producer and entrepreneur Maurice Starr, who had guided another Bostonian (R&B orientated) group, New Edition, to platinum success, decided to form a similar act with young white singers.
Both Donnie and Danny tried out to become members of what would become New Kids on the Block. While their first album made little impact in the marketplace, New Kids on the Block’s second LP, 1988’s Hanging Tough, made them into one of the biggest pop music phenomena of the 1980s and ’90s.
Wahlberg was considered the “bad boy” of the group, strong-minded and often time not afraid to express his view on racial and social issue, he became famous for his t-shirts, that read mottos like “DRUGS SUCK” and “WAR SUCKS” (worn @ the American Music Awards to express his feelings about the first Gulf War in 1991). True to form he had a few minor brushes with the law, including a widely reported incident at a hotel in which he was charged with using alcohol to start a fire. Besides being the “hot’headed” member of the teen sensation group, he also established himself as one of the musical forces (the only among the group) behind New Kids on the Block, helping to write and produce material, and going on to produce recordings for other artists, most notably Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch , featuring his brother Mark Wahlberg. His talent as a song-writer was widely expressed in the last and best album of the group, Face The Music, in which Donnie’s talent is written all over…. Sadly, 1994 was also the year that saw the group dismantle, and while he continued to work in music as a songwriter and producer, he soon started to explore other career options, such as that of acting. In 1995, Donnie managed to get a cameo role in an action film called Bullet opposite Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur, followed, a year later, by a role as a kidnapper with a conscience Ransom . In 1998, Donnie paid double duty as leading actor and executive producer for the independent drama Southie , followed by the 1999 stunning cameo he played as Vincent Gray in The Sixth Sense. But Donnie’s career wasn’t limited to big-screen movies, he has also enjoyed a successful career on television; he played 2nd Lt. Lipton on the widely acclaimed HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, starred in the action series Boomtown , and played in the TV series Big Apple, widely acclaimed but soon-cancelled. In addition to his West-Coast career, he also is the owner of a restaurant in Canton, MA, and he owns a home in Braintree where he lives when not on the West Coast.


2008 Real Men Cry
2008 Righteous Kill
2007 The Kill Point (tv)
2007 Kings of South Beach – (tv)
2006 Runaway – Pilot (tv)
2006 The Path to 9/11 (tv – ABC)
2006 Dead Silence
2006 Annapolis
2005 Saw II
2005 Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School
2003 Dreamcatcher
2002 Boomtown (tv series)

Donnie in Boomtown 3 video up at YouTube courtesy of lorrik featuring a sexy scene from the show Boomtown where he plays Joel Stevens, a dedicated detective. Sexy scene.

– Donnie in Boomtown 3 video up at YouTube courtesy of lorrik. This is a sweet scene between Donnie and Megan Ward, playing his wife.

2002 Triggermen
2001 UC: Undercover (tv episode)
2001 Band of Brothers (tv mini series)
2001 Big Apple (tv series)
2000 Bullfighter
2000 Diamond Men
2000 The Practice (tv episode)
1999 The Sixth Sense
1999 Purgatory (tv)
1998 Southie
1998 Body Count
1998 The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (tv)
1998 Butter aka Never 2 Big
1997 Black Circle Boys
1996 Ransom
1996 Bullet


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